I cannot send mail from my Email program.

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Created: 06:12 PM 03.26.03
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It has come to our attention some time ago that users of some high-speed service providers may experience difficulty configuring their e-mail software to send e-mails.

When you send an e-mail from a client such as Outlook Express, the email is sent to our servers via port 25 (the standard SMTP port) some providers however have implemented a "forced port" technology to most users of their high speed service. Users that have this proxy imposed upon them will have difficulty sending mail through any mail server other than their providers.

We have developed a work around for such situations. In most e-mail client software, an alternate port for SMTP can be specified. Normally this setting is defaulted to port 25 and should not be touched, however in such case where you are a high speed customer and are experiencing difficulty sending email through our service, you may need to make such a change in order to successfully send mail to our mail system.

We have chosen the port 587 aka "The Alternate Sending Mail port" port as a substitute port for use within your email client.

Even if your ISP is not blocking port 25, you can still make this change in case they do in the future.  Its also handy if you take your computer to another location and they block it.

Currently known providers blocking port 25:

Rogers - Confirmed June 24 2005 - ALL customers affected as per contacting Rogers on June 24th 2005
Sympatico - Confirmed February 1 2003 - not all customers affected

To change your default SMTP port settings in Outlook Express:

1. On the Tools menu, click Accounts.
2. On the Mail tab, click your Internet Mail account, and then click Edit.
3. On the Account Settings tab, click Click here for advanced sending options, and then type the port number for your SMTP (or sending) mail. Change this from 25 to 587.


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